Why You Should Sign up for the Cedar Mill Farmer’s Market Booth

I was asked to write a “blog” for Cedar Mill Business Association members on WHY you should sign up for the Cedar Mill Farmers Market booth.  Well, here are my thoughts:

FREE booth – to promote your business. The CMBA has a booth each week of our market season.  They have canopy that we keep with ours so we will set that up for you.   You can sign up once, twice or more to promote your business.  Bring your banners, flyers, promos, handouts, business cards.  If you have a table & chair, make sure to bring that too  (if you don’t have a table/chair let us know and you can borrow one of ours). It’s the CMBA booth, but your opportunity to let the community know about what you do! You can be creative in how you reach out… do a game, a demonstration, a raffle (maybe give the proceeds to our hunger reduction program) or some other interactive thing to have fun with the community.  Need some help in figuring out what to do?  Contact us at ourcmfm@gmail.com and we will help you out!!

It is a GREAT opportunity to connect with people!!!  The market is a great place to mix & mingle with the community.  Smile and have fun.  Be prepared with a short explanation of your business to share with people and have a couple questions you can ask market goers to get them to talk with you.  Don’t just sit there and look at your phone, take a nap or talk only to the one person you know…connect, connect, connect!  Engage with the community, the vendors, Lannie and myself – Learn about others and share about yourself.  

There are two sign-up times each week and 1 or 2 of you can be at the booth at the same time.  If you are doing an activity and need the whole booth (not share the time slot) just put your name down for both spaces so we know.  Those signed up for the earlier slot, arrive by 8:30am so you can set up and be ready for our opening at 9am.  If you have the later one, arrive early enough to connect with the person ahead of you and get set to go. If you have the early slot and no one is assigned to the second one – feel free to stay all day😊  

Please make sure you do sign up and then make sure to show up on the day/time you requested as we will be listing you in our weekly newsletter!!!

Remember – we must park outside of the Safeway parking lot.  You can park long enough to unload your car but then need to move it as all of us need to park elsewhere to allow for customers to park.  If you have any questions on where to park when you arrive, just ask Karen or Lannie and we will assist.  

We are excited to have you at the market!!!  

Make sure to sign up and fill up those slots – we don’t want the CMBA booth to be empty!!!  An empty booth would mean someone missed out on a great “free” opportunity to get your NAME & BUSINESS out to the public

Questions – just let us know ourcmfm@gmail.com



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