When you need website work, you don’t need a geek or a friend…You need a Professional!

With over 20 years of website and marketing experience, my goal is to make website technology and integrated marketing a positive asset for the small business at an affordable price. By using the 7 principles of GPS Marketing we can make your website a tool rather than a static billboard and expense item. Every business needs a website today. The real question is: Should you be working for your  website or should it be working for you?

Websites cost money and as we all know, profits diminish with every additional dollar spent.  With this line of thinking you might decide to build your website yourself and why not?

On the surface it looks easy enough. Write some text, include a few pictures and using free templates you can just insert your stuff and “instantly”, you have a website. How hard can that be?

The skills required to build a proper, standards-compliant website can take a significant amount of time. Time is money and you may not be saving with this method. Moreover It may not look as professional as you wish, this is a common result with many do-it-yourself websites.

Free templates can be very attractive. But you can be sure that countless other individuals and organizations will be using that same template. Now it is yours and you are on the hook to make it work properly. Dentists and heart surgeons are doctors but it is very unlikely that you would hire the dentist do do your heart surgery, you would want the proper professional.