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Author: Peggy Scott 5/12/2017

Your presence and image speaks volumes about you. Having a powerful presence requires addressing the inner self as well as your outer appearance. When you manage both you have a powerful vehicle for fulfilling your mission.

Having clarity of purpose, well-defined core values and ethics and taking extraordinary care of yourself will generate an energy and vibration that ignites your personal presence.

We all want to be appreciated and valued for who we are, but we must be willing to invest in ourselves. Many entrepreneurs invest in their business processes, marketing and education, but fail to invest in the most important marketing tool there is…their presence!

I have outlined 3 ways you can give your presence a boost and take your image up a notch.

1) What are you top 3 core values? Think of how you can incorporate them into your presence.  Example: My 3 top values are dignity, integrity and elegance…when I walk into the room they are present and walk in with me. This goes well beyond the clothing you wear, but your image should be in alignment with your values, as that is what produces a powerful Presence of Self.

2) Think of one well-being practice you could incorporate into your daily routine that will have show up more rested, energized and on your game? Example: A 20-minute walk will have me feel and look better and enhance my mood and attitude.

3) Let go items in your wardrobe that no longer suit you. Clear your closet of those items and anything that need repair or are worn out.

Example: Any worn out belts, shoes, clothing, or ill-fitting outfits. These items are not serving you or your purpose.

Dare to be Extraordinary…because you are, and the world needs your brilliance!

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